Signs It's Time for Assisted Living

Independent living is important to many people. However, factors such as declining vision, balance, stamina, and memory can make it increasingly difficult to look after personal and domestic needs in older age. Because of this, a time may come when assisted living in Dallas becomes the safer and more appropriate living choice for your loved ones. In many cases, the need for assisted living becomes apparent when the following circumstances occur:

Unfinished Chores
When you visit your parents, take note of their home. Are dishes stacking up in the sink? Is dirty laundry strewn around their bedroom? Has the garbage been taken out recently? Being able to take care of common household chores is a requisite part of living at home. If your parents are finding it difficult to look after their domestic needs, an assisted living facility might be the solution. Senior living communities typically offer laundry and cleaning services for their residents so that they can focus on more enjoyable activities.

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Forgotten Bills
Financial prowess is another component of independent living. Even with minimal financial obligations, people must still make sure that their mortgages, utilities, insurance, and other essential bills are paid in full and on time. If you see unopened bills or past due notices when you visit your parents, they may no longer be able to look after these obligations. In particular, if their lack of financial competence leads to foreclosure warnings or cancelled insurance coverage, it may be important to look into an assisted living facility, which can help to streamline expenses and alleviate these unwanted consequences.

Missed Medication Doses
Prescription medications are a common part of many seniors’ lives. If your parents suffer from heart disease, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, or another condition, it is integral to their health and wellbeing that they take their medications exactly as prescribed by their physicians. However, memory decline can compromise the efforts of those trying to manage their own prescription medications. If your parents are forgetting their medications or taking them incorrectly, the outcomes can be life threatening. Assisted living facilities come staffed with senior care professionals who can see to it that your parents receive their medications as needed so that they can enjoy a high quality of life.