New traditions for the holidays

New traditions for the holidays

All families carry forward holiday traditions through the years, whether it’s dry turkeys, the elf on the shelf, or Aunt Emmie’s anxiously awaited homemade fudge. But as with everything else, traditions tend to evolve through decades of births, moves, marriages – even divorces. When the family’s patriarch or matriarch reside at Manchester Place Care Homes, we’re glad to become an integrated part of that holiday tradition.

Rewrite your family’s customs. While the hustle and bustle commute from your in-laws to grown children can be utterly exhausting, Manchester Place Care Homes can be the most rewarding stop on your GPS. And unlike three-hour visits with in-laws, it only takes a quick ten-minute appearance to significantly brighten one of our residents’ days.

So what can you expect? It’s important to know that holidays can be particularly lonesome for residents living away from family during the season. That’s why we have a calendar of celebratory events planned throughout December and into the New Year. And while you likely won’t find bubbling champagne or fine china at Manchester Place Care Homes, you will find a dedicated group of nurses and caretakers who already consider themselves extended family – family that will handle all of the cleanup for you, to boot.

To make your visit special, why not bring along a touch of your holiday tradition. This can be as delicious as Aunt Emmie’s fudge or as meaningful as ornaments passed down and stored in that dusty attic trunk. In fact, any blast from the past – from a traditional holiday song to that tacky holiday sweater – can provide comfort to the loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Keep in mind that Alzheimer’s and dementia affects short-term more than long-term memory.

But what if your loved one isn’t even aware of the holiday, and what if he or she seems distraught by the commotion? While sensitivity is important, rest assured that all visits are treasured regardless of circumstances. This is because all of our residents pick up on feelings of love, compassion, and cheer surrounding them.

For residents at Manchester Place Care Homes, holidays can be even more meaningful than they were in decades past. Give the most valuable gift of all this season, the gift of time. If you have any questions before, during, or after your holiday visit, please let us know. Our trained staff is always available to answer questions and ensure the most gratifying visit possible.