From independent to individualized care

Manchester resident Betty McCandless was living in Independent Living for far too long, her daughters said. They finally decided to make a change, and since July Betty has been at Manchester Place Care Homes at Spring Valley.“We should have moved her much sooner,” her daughter Marcy said. “It took us a long time to find the right place. We’d leave several homes feeling empty and cold. We knew they weren’t for us. So we kept searching. Now? No regrets. We’re so happy and thankful for Manchester.”

Personalized Senior Care

For someone with a family member in any kind of senior care, it’s important that each resident is catered to uniquely. That’s difficult to do in a large, big name independent living facility. Like a giant hotel, all residents get identical treatment and must often fend for themselves. In addition, when residents request help, they may not get a response for several minutes or sometimes hours, which may often be too late. At a minimum, the delay in response time can be both frustrating and demoralizing for the residents. “Here, our needs are anticipated,” said Betty’s granddaughter, Meredith McClain. “By the time I go and ask a question, they’ve already thought it through and taken care of it.”

Meredith was hoping to get some specific items for her grandmother onto the Manchester shopping list, which incorporates items unique to each patient’s needs. House manager Sharon Ford informed Meredith that they already added the items to the list and her grandmother’s things would be delivered within a day.“We love the fact that they go shop for the residents,” Meredith said. “They already inventoried all her needs, and that left me so shocked and happy. They did it all.”

Attention to Safety and Health

In addition to such individualized care, it’s important that family members are able to reach those in charge of their loved one’s health. The McCandless family has been very happy to be in such fluid contact with the doctor, Dr. Newcomer, who visits the homes regularly and as needed. Just recently, they needed to replace Betty’s hearing aids; Dr. Newcomer was more than willing to meet with them to sort it out. It’s important for loved ones to experience those open lines of communication.

Everyone knows that safety is a concern for someone who is fragile and aging. Staff at Manchester take every precaution, including one in particular that’s tech-savvy.

“We have been using these pads placed underneath the residents’ mattresses,” Sharon said. “They monitor weight fluctuation - in other words, if the resident is moving. For residents who are at higher risk for falling, we use these so that if there’s a chance they’ve forgotten to ask for assistance, we can be notified in the main area of the house that the resident is on the move and we can head back there to check on them.”

The McCandless family has peace of mind knowing that this and other precautions are being put to use, Kathy said.

Happy Environment

It’s an unfortunate stigma that senior care facilities have depressing environments. That could might be true at many places which don’t consider residents’ needs, desires or ambitions. Not only does a cold, stagnant environment have a negative impact on residents and their health, but it provides a huge obstacle to family members visiting, which in turn has a negative impact on the residents who may become lonely and depressed. Here, at Manchester, with our happy, homelike atmosphere and devotion to each family’s specific needs, we have family visiting all the time - out of pure choice and not obligation. “Sometimes, residents in nursing homes go months without visitors,” Sharon said. “But here, we’ve got family coming in weekly, and sometimes daily.”

Betty’s daughters Marcy, Kathy and Meredith come in several times a week. One thing they noticed, Kathy said, is how happy Betty is with Manchester’s daily programming, including the accordion player who performs at Betty’s home on Sundays. “They don’t just do the bare minimum,” she added. “They put details into their work; they’ve got a bubble machine going during the accordion performance, and not to mention how we love the birds they have and also fresh flowers on display throughout the week.”

Senior Socializing and Quality of Life

Another great upside of taking Betty out of independent living is her more recent willingness to socialize. When she was in independent living, she never wanted to venture out for dinner hardly at all, Meredith said. Her door was always shut and meals were served in her room. “But ever since we moved her to Manchester It’s always, ‘Leave my door open,’ or ‘I’m going to dinner.’”

Betty is happier now and enjoying her own space, her daughters said, unlike when she was in independent living where she had to share a space, suffer from neglect and live without important individual needs met. We at Manchester are thrilled that Betty is now a member of the Manchester family and is being taken care of like we take care of our own family members - with kindness, love, compassion, and personalized care that has lead to a far better quality of life.

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