I can t begin to thank you enough for all that you have done for my Dad. As I have mentioned before, I just wish you could have known him at a better time in his life. He had a full and rewarding 91 years of life. I wanted to share his obituary with you. Please share this with the residents and the family of the residents of the Manchester Home. All the residents and the families of the residents were like a second family to us. We will always cherish the relationships we developed with you and our Manchester family!!! Thank you so very much.

- Linda H.

Thank you for taking such good care of our Aunt Jean. We have been looking for her for a long time and are so glad she is in a good place.

- Christy O.

Dean, Thank you so much for all you do. Its such a joy to be with your residents and staff. Youve created the most amazing homes. I only wish there were more! In 20 years Ive never experienced such a wonderful environment. 2 hours can fly by and Im still there interacting with the staff and residents. Its the most positive, caring, safe community I ve ever seen. Im deeply grateful to you for all you do and providing our seniors with such great care and joy. Thank you.

- Winona

Manchester Place has provided my mother with a safe and comfortable environment. The upbeat staff show genuine interest and are always eager to hear our concerns. It has been a great move for our family.

- The F. Family

We are writing to thank you and all of your family, colleagues and staff for all the wonderful care and consideration you show our beloved mother. It would be correct to say that you and your staff contribute greatly to enhancing the quality of her life these past few years. The staff was kind and gentle with her at all times, provided a safe and secure environment, catered to her special needs whenever possible, and in the truest sense, provided her with the comforts of her own home.

- The F. Family

My mother spent the last five years of her life in the Manchester House on St. Michaels. As change is a bit difficult for older people, she had a bit of reluctance at first. She overcame it almost immediately. The surroundings were warm and cozy, the setting was inviting, and the staff was wonderfully friendly and accommodating. This latter was especially important, as my Mom could be a touch demanding. I was completely satisfied. I have actually recommended Manchester Place to several people, and some of my referrals are currently residents. This is THE place for Mom (or Dad).

- Steve L.

We are writing this letter to tell you how much we appreciate what Manchester Place has done for our mother and by extension our whole family. The care and attention that you offer our mother is truly outstanding and goes above and beyond all of our expectations. For the first time in years we feel that she is safe, secure and being looked after in a compassionate and caring manner.

- The G. Family

Dean, Thank you and Mercy for all you did for Sally during this difficult time. Please know you are truly appreciated. You will forever be remembered as kind, loving, compassionate angels in our lives.

- Kreste F.

The staff at St. Michaels are awesome. I truly appreciate all the extra TLC that my father receives every day. They are angels. .

- Sharon

I cannot tell you how much of a relief this is to me and to my family. Everyone there at Manchester Place is very caring and kind, and in my opinion cares for the residents in a way that they would want their own relatives cared for. I am so very happy we found Manchester Place and would recommend it without any hesitation to my friends or anyone looking for a home for your loved one. P.S. The food is yummy too!!.

- Anna K

The Management team ensures that the day-to-day operation of the home meets high standards for comfort, cleanliness, and safety, and is always willing to provide extra touches to ensure that each apartment is truly a home - more than just a place to stay and pass the time. The Care team in the home is engaged with the residents 24 x 7 and the care each person receives is personalized and individualized, as needed to address their particular physical and emotional needs. Activities are varied to pique the varied interests of the residents, meals are home-style, congenial, and something to look forward to. Family and friends are always made to feel welcome, whether for a stop-by, to share lunch or dinner, or to visit from out-of-town. The monitoring of meds and each residents medical condition is addressed professionally and is at the forefront of each care-givers daily concern as they interact with the residents. They are meticulous in maintaining care standards and communicating with families. There are also intangibles that set Manchester Place apart from other homes. Through the duration of my fathers two-year-plus stay, I saw that he was treated with respect by each and every person from the Management and Care teams with whom he came into contact. They were truly interested in knowing him, his interests, learning about the life he had led, and in knowing our family. Their concern for his physical and mental well-being was constant and their patience never wavered in helping him to preserve his personal dignity as his physical abilities declined. In short, they treated my father as if he was their father and I never worried about him wanting for kindness each day when I could not be with him. For both these measurable and intangible reasons, I reiterate that I unconditionally recommend Manchester Place.

- Theresa M.

We had less than 3 minutes warning when we heard, "If you live in Rowlett, take shelter immediately!". We looked out the window and watched the devastating EF-4 tornado go over the 190 bridge... headed straight for our street. In that moment, you remember whats really important...family. Im deeply thankful to have an incredible family I call My Manchester Family. They were there for me in the aftermath of the tornado. Thats what they do....help families. They had a vision: 1) To build residential care homes designed to make people feel at home, just like they would for their own family members. 2) To treat each person entering that home with compassion, dignity and outstanding personal care. How do I know? Im there every week, engaging with the residents -- reminiscing, laughing, singing, dancing, playing the flute and listening to each residents story. At Manchester Queens Ferry, one of the residents calls our time together, Happy Hour. One of our happiest hours was when a resident, I was told hadnt been able to speak, smiled and began to sing. Im deeply grateful to spend my days with such amazing people. Not only are the residents family, so are the owners and staff. Dean, Adam, Dr. Newcomer, Erin and Emmy are dedicated, hardworking professionals who go above and beyond to treat your loved ones as if they were their own. The House Managers and caregivers are the most dedicated Ive ever met. The love and care they give is truly heartfelt. Yesterday, one of them said to me, I treat each person as if they were my own mother or father. Family.....thats what Manchester Place is all about.

- Winona M

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